25 Famous Actors Get a Hipster Makeover in Oscars Contest Showcase

The modern hipster is a polarizing force. Whether you’re one of the many who have adopted the subculture’s fashion style or among its equally numerous critics, there’s no denying that the early 2010s popularity of retro haircuts, unusual formal-casual op-shop combinations and a penchant for fixed gear bicycles and organic, fair-trade coffee is going to go down in history in much the same way as the afros and flared jeans of the 70s. In a much shorter period of time, the style has become more iconic — for good or bad — than the hip-hop inspired baggy clothing and bling that drew imitators and critics in nearly equal numbers over a decade ago.

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At DesignCrowd we love running freelance graphic design jobs/contests that show the power of crowdsourcing to get awesome designs fast. Recently we sponsored a community contest that asked our designers to create a graphic design that recast Famous Actors as Hipsters. The design contest attracted 195 submissions from 98 designers and the attention of the twitterverse, a major daily Australian news site and international fashion mag editors who loved our designers' hipster makeovers. We enjoyed the laughs as much as we hope our designers enjoyed designing them.

Of course, with this year's controversial Academy Awards event airing just a week into the contest, it's no surprise that the vast majority of entries poked fun at those who won and perhaps more famously those who didn't. Check out some of our favorite Oscar-inspired submissions to date.

The Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio

Designer: Free Imagination from the USA

Leonardo DiCaprio has famously lost out on an Oscar for his work on three films in the past, and this year the world was sure he'd be recognized at last. Leo was nominated for two awards — best actor and, as producer, best picture for his work on The Wolf of Wall Street, and the world was shocked when he went home empty-handed once again.

The Group Shot

Designer: jhosmer from the USA

No collection of actors as hipsters around this time of year would be complete without a group shot of 2014's Oscar nominees — this one includes Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchette, Amy Adams, Judi Dench, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christian Bale, Bruce Dern and Matthew McConaughey.

Bruce Dern

Designer: Kamalangkabut from Indonesia

Bruce Dern has played roles on screen since 1960, and quickly caught the attention of Hollywood moviemakers at the start of his career as more than just another aspiring actor; he was able to become the characters he played. For the same reason, he was told he’d never be a traditional leading man, with one director telling him he wouldn’t get to take the centre stage until he was in his 60s. At 77, he played the lead in Nebraska. After 54 years of diligent work he earned Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for Best Actor, and won the Best Actor award at 2013's Cannes Film Festival.

The Lads

Designer: TheGirlRachel from United States

Designer TheGirlRachel depicts three crowd favorites nominated for Best Actor as hipsters: Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio. McConaughey won the award for the category.

Sandra Bullock

Designer: Cody Mei from Philippines

Sandra Bullock was nominated for her role in the award-winning film Gravity, which has been her most successful project to date. While she didn’t win this year, unlike DiCaprio, Bullock has won in the past — she was awarded Best Actress for her role in 2009's The Blind Side.

Christian Bale

Designer: TheGirlRachel from USA

Christian Bale is today best known to most for playing Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of Batman in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises — all of which earned him awards and nominations, though none were from the Academy Awards. He did win Best Supporting Actor for his role in 2011's The Fighter, but his nomination for Best Actor this year for his role in American Hustle was unsuccessful.

Leo, Thwarted Again?

Designer: Filip Paul from Romania

Leonardo DiCaprio was by far the most popular entrant in our Actors as Hipsters contest, so it stands to reason that he makes an appearance twice. Maybe’ll it make up for lost Oscars.

1997's Titanic was nominated for a whopping 14 awards and won 11 of them at the 70th Academy Awards. DiCaprio, who played a lead role in the film as Jack Dawson, didn’t win a thing — he wasn’t even in contention. Despite Titanic earning everything from Best Picture to Best Director to Best Costume Design, none of those 14 nominations were for DiCaprio.

Cate Blanchett - The Cameleon

Cate Blanchett hipster

Designer: Rjmclean79 from the United Kingdom

Designer: mobius6 from Denmark

Apparently gender is irrelevant: all you need to hipsterize yourself is a good beard, some big glasses and a dodgy hat.

Australian actress Cate Blanchett — who you probably know as the oddly dramatic telepathic elf Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings films and The Hobbit, among many other roles and won Best Actress this year for her role in Blue Jasmine.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Designer: kamen from Vietnam

A London-born actor of Nigerian descent, Ejiofor was nominated for Best Actor after his role in 12 Years a Slave; after his BAFTA win for the same, many predicted it would come down to him and McConaughey at the Oscars. Check out the version of Chiwetel on the street by Kamen from Vietnam

Chiwetel Ejiofor hipster

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Matthew McConaughey

Designer: MiuLi from Slovakia

McConaughey may have jumped over to television — playing the lead in crime drama True Detective — but not before taking out the Oscar for Best Actor after his role in Dallas Buyers Club, in which he played the unconventional role of a cowboy with AIDS.

Dame Judi Dench

Designer: Falaq Raheel from the United Kingdom

Judi Dench has been in the acting business for a very long time. Despite that, it wasn’t until her role in 1997's Mrs. Brown that she became recognized beyond supporting roles on the screen, though for nearly twenty years between GoldenEye and Skyfall she famously and reliably played M in the James Bond films. Her career before that was marked with accomplishments in theatre, and sometimes musicals.

She unsuccessfully contended with Blanchett for Best Actress this year after playing the lead role in Philomena.

More Judi...

Judi Dench hipster

Designer: Sally Arnold from Australia

Judi Dench hipster

Designer: Jellie from Australia

Meryl Streep

Designer: Kaitos from Greece (studied design in the UK)

Another Best Actress contender, Meryl Streep played the lead role alongside Julia Roberts in 2013 black comedy August: Osage Country. She holds the record for the most Academy Award nominations of any actor and has won three. It’s probably a good thing Blanchett won — we don’t want you getting greedy, Meryl.

Meryl Streep hipster

Design by Scorpius Design from Serbia

Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Super-Selfie

Designer: TheGirlRachel from the USA

Ellen’s Oscars superstar selfie is famous for crashing Twitter after garnering millions of retweets. Now it’s responsible for making hipsters out of some of entertainment’s best-known figures. As much as we enjoyed your entries, we hope things don’t take off too much: spotting one or two Skrillex-style haircuts per day is quite bad enough.

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Written by Jo Sabin on Friday, March 21, 2014

Jo Sabin is the Community Manager at DesignCrowd. With more than ten years’ experience working with some of Australia’s finest startups, Jo has been instrumental in meeting DesignCrowd’s objectives in Australia and abroad. Get in touch via Google+.